Cockroach Treatment Services

Effective and affordable roach extermination.
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Roach Infestation? We Can Help

A cockroach infestation is one of the most serious pest problems you can have, and it typically takes a professional to successfully eradicate roaches. The good news is that Lincoln County Exterminating has lots of experience treating roach infestations in homes, and with the right treatment plan in place, we can help you get your home back from these pests.

We use top-of-the-line, proven products including Advion brand roach bait to eliminate these insects. Our technicians are knowledgeable about where cockroaches harbor and the right products to target them. When it comes to roaches in your home, it is best to leave it to professionals like us.


Cockroaches Cause Many Problems

Roaches create tiny proteins that aggravate the human respiratory system. Their molted exoskeletons aggravate allergies, and they come bearing dozens of types of bacteria, parasitic worms, and other nasty microbes. If you have asthma, cockroaches can make it worse.

What’s more, roaches eat essentially everything, whether it’s “officially” considered food or not. They’ll eat crumbs and sugar, but if they’re not available they’ll eat things like wallpaper, shed pet fur, and even human skin cells. There is no mystery why people want their homes and businesses to be completely free of these pests.

Unfortunately for us, roaches are great at escaping the shoes, rolled-up newspapers, and other things we use to swat at them. Here’s why:

  • They’re extremely fast
  • They have eyes on top of their heads with a 360-degree view, so they can see you coming
  • They memorize even complicated routes back to their hiding places

Getting rid of roaches on your own requires multiple steps that can eventually feel like a game of “whack-a-mole.” Neglect one step, and suddenly they’re back. Maybe you forgot to seal up some food, or maybe someone neglected to take out the trash until it was too full. 
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Professional Treatment Is Better Than DIY

Professional pest control technicians have the techniques and the technology to defeat roaches. It’s easier than trying to DIY roach control, and you can feel confident that they’re not hiding out, making allergies worse and running across your countertops at night. It takes three key steps:
  • Identifying the type of cockroaches present
  • Eradicating live roaches and eggs
  • Sealing up potential entry points where they can get into your house
Leaving it to the professionals is far easier and more effective than squashing roaches when you see them. Pest control professionals know which products to use and exactly where to use them, and they can eradicate roaches without causing danger to you, your children, or your pets. Why not call a professional today?

Steps for Getting Rid of Roaches

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Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your home, eliminating potential hiding spots, and storing food in airtight containers denies roaches food and water.
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During the initial pest control company visit, a technician will inspect and treat your home’s interior and exterior to kill roaches and prevent them from returning.
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During follow-up pest control visits, technicians will treat for roaches outside your home to create a strong barrier. They may do follow-up treatments inside too.

FAQs About Roaches

Q. Why are there so many cockroaches? There were only a few yesterday!

A. The reproduction cycle of common cockroaches is fast. One female cockroach can have up to 300 offspring in a year. Multiply that by “just a few” female cockroaches, and it’s easy to see how they multiply so fast!
Q. Can’t I just wait for them to die out? How long do they live?

A. Cockroaches can live from a few months to two years. And with each female producing a couple of hundred offspring every year, waiting them out is not an option.
Q. How are they getting in?

A. It only takes a small crack for roaches to be able to get inside your house. This includes tiny openings around doors and windows. They can also get inside from containers or things brought into the house, like bags, suitcases, and even toys.
Q. Are roaches dangerous?

A. Not in the same way a venomous snake or spider is dangerous, but roaches have other ways of harming people. Since they tend to live in damp, dark, dirty places, they are perfect vehicles for picking up pathogens that are harmful. Always wash your hands after coming into contact with a roach and never eat food that has been around them to protect yourself from harmful microbes they carry.

Roaches are common, even in well-kept homes. What’s more, they are dirty, ugly, and even frightening to some people. Your best bet for keeping your home roach-free is having a professional pest control technician treat the interior and exterior of your home and check for reinfestation regularly.