Pest Control for Ants

Get rid of ants and keep them away.
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Ant Treatment Services

Whether inside your home or out, ants are unwelcome guests. Lincoln County Exterminating uses Termidor brand ant treatments to get rid of ants around your home. Termidor offers the best products for ant pest control, so you get lasting results from your treatment.

If you see even one ant, there’s a very good chance there are more hidden away somewhere. Our technicians are trained to find the places where ants are getting into your home, and the ants will carry the product back to the colony. We also offer preventative ant treatments to help you get ahead of the game in keeping ants away.


Don’t Let Ants Eat You Out of House and Home

Sure, ants are industrious and organized. They’re even entertaining to watch in ant farms, but that doesn’t mean you want them in your house.

Ants get into everything, especially food that is not adequately sealed up. They often show up when the weather turns warm, with the two most common types being house ants and carpenter ants.

They may also turn up when their original habitat is destroyed through processes like new home construction and the construction of home additions. The good news is that they’re easier to avoid and get rid of than roaches.
Houseants vs carpenterants

House Ants vs. Carpenter Ants

Common house ants are basically nuisances that get into everything and can surprise you when you open up a food container and find them. But carpenter ants can be destructive.

Carpenter ants like to chew on damp or rotting wood, and this can damage window frames, doors, and in the worst cases, structural framing.

Spraying ant poison may help in the short term, but it won’t protect against reinfestation. The only way to do that is to determine how they’re getting in and what they’re after once they’re inside.

An ant colony consists of thousands of ants, and they reproduce quickly. Therefore you need a comprehensive way to get ants out of your house and keep them out.


Steps for Getting Rid of Ants

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Thoroughly clean your home, focusing on your kitchen and sugary liquids in particular. “Scout” ants take samples back to their colony, which will follow them back to the source of food.
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Both house ants and carpenter ants prefer damp areas and water-damaged wood. Clear these spots out and replace damaged material to keep ants from tunneling back into the house.
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During the initial pest control company visit, a technician will identify the ant species that have invaded. They will seal your home’s perimeter, set ant traps, or treat the ant colony directly.
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If reinfestation occurs, the pest control company will visit again to look for new perimeter breaches and address the problem. Often, though, ants will remain outside after the initial treatment.

FAQs About Ants

Q. Where did all these ants come from?

A. Ants are normally outdoor insects that have their nests in your yard. They typically only come indoors when they want food. Once “scout” ants discover food inside your home, they communicate to the rest of the colony, which will then follow the scout ant into your house.
Q. Why did they choose to come inside my house?

A. Food and shelter are the main two reasons ants invade homes. Typically, they come indoors when they find a food source. Once they have done this, they may look for damp or rotting wood inside your house to build their nest.
Q. What time of year are ants most likely to invade my house?

A. The spring and summer months are the prime times when ants are out looking for food and water, so that is when they are most likely to find food in your home and decide to move in.
Q. Are ants dangerous?

A. Ants are mostly a nuisance, and most species do not destroy your property. They choose wood that is already rotting or damp because it is easier to make nests there. Carpenter ants, which are larger than the typical house ants (⅜ to ½-inch long), can damage wood structures. The longer they stay there, the more severe the damage will be.

Ants are a common household nuisance, and if you only see a few, you may be able to control them by simply cleaning, clearing out damp or rotting wood, and setting out ant traps. However, if these steps do not keep ants out, hiring a professional pest control company is your best bet. Pest control professionals know how to identify ant species and tailor an appropriate control and prevention plan.