Remedial Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs are an ever increasing problem nationwide and we are seeing more and more in our service area. Anybody can get Bed bugs regardless how clean your home is. They can be brought in on your luggage or other items from traveling or simply by bringing in used furniture or items that may be infested. Bed bugs do love cluttered areas and the clutter must be cleared for the best chances of control .Bed bugs can go many months without feeding and are resistant to many pesticides. There have been several control methods tested with varied results including heat, steam, freezing and chemical. All these can work and all have advantages and all have some disadvantages. Some methods are much more expensive than others and with any method a re-infestation can occur.
Lincoln County Exterminating uses the latest hybred dual active ingredient pesticides with growth regulators to effect all stages egg through adult. We highly recomend encasing mattresses and box springs with Protect A Bed encasemets with their patented locking zippers. We sell these and install during treatment at prices much less than department stores. NEVER purchase a Bed bug matress cover. A cover is much different than an encasement. Only high quality encasement with a lock will protect mattresses from entry. Their fibers are also woven tightly so a Bed bug cannot bite through it.

Some Bedbug hide outs.

We find Bed Bugs hiding behind picture frames, behind fabric folds and even in the slots of screws.

Bed bugs in couch

This video shows a Bed bug infestation of a couch. It is especially difficult to control Bed bugs in couches because of their puffy folds and hollow spaces.

Bed bug treatment box spings

Box Springs can be treated by removing the backing and applying pesticides into all jointed pieces,,corner pieces and tuffs. After treating with pesticide we encase the box spring in a premium encasement with lock to prevent any Bed bugs to enter or exit the encasement.